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Capacitor Discharge welding stud manufacturing services.


Stud welding is a technique similar to flash welding where a fastener or specially formed nut is welded onto another metal part, typically a base metal or substrate. The fastener can take different forms, but typically fall under threaded, unthreaded or tapped. Weld studs are used in stud welding systems. SWS creates weld studs utilizing capacitor discharge stud welding.

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About SWS


Stud Welding Systems (SWS) manufactures one type of product - Capacitor Discharge Weld Studs – in a variety of sizes and different materials. The product is used where steel, aluminum and brass sheet metal is employed in production.


We are the unique CD welding studs manufacturer on the West Coast, serving the American Continent, providing OEM services for big names in this industry, including Nelson.

The Industries We Serve


CD Weld Studs are used for holding something to sheet metal, e.g., stainless sinks in fast food restaurants or hospitals, sign manufacturing, ice makers, cement trowel, light manufacturing, electronic manufacturing to hold relays.